January 13th, 2009

First post, first nWoD

OK, so. Hello! Long time subscriber, first time poster. So, yeah, here goes.
I started playing tabletop in university with my friends. We used to play Everway, and also ended up trying Call of Cthulhu, Paranoia, Cadwallon, and just recently I had my first game of D&D (4th ed, my conclusion being that I was awfully glad our GM was good at working out the maths, an area in which I do not excel). Now, I've GM'd several times, but all for Everway. Which is a fine system, and great for those tentative first steps because almost everything is so open to interpretation. However, on the other hand, everything is so open to interpretation at times it felt amazingly vague, like trying to herd clouds by waving your hands.
To sum it up, I wanted to try GMing a new system, and picked up the first core book for the new World of Darkness, where everyone is soft, vulnerable humans in a world of things that go bump in the night. Here's a summation of my first chapter.

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So there you go. Obviously I tried to keep the paranormal to a minimum while keeping it interesting, but I'd appreciate people's takes on it as a first try. From this I was considering going down the road of having them wake up back in their beds, two days later, to try and figure out what had happened, the basement being clean and showing no signs of anything strange. I'd also be interested in hearing your theories, tips, and general advice for someone who's still relatively new to GMing. Thank you in advance!