January 1st, 2009

Music, Cthulhu

Wraith Recon?

Is anyone running (or playing) Mongoose Publishing's Wraith Recon setting?

The overall concept seems pretty cool and it has one positive review so far (I could not find any others). So, it seems like a good buy, but more information is always a good thing.

Here's the thing: I won't be using D&D 4e to run it. I'll be running it with Eden Studios Dungeons & Zombies, so I'm mostly interested in the setting details and will either be converting or skipping the system bits.

So, in that context, is this book worth the investment?

Shadowrun 4th Ed.

I'm about to run my first game of Shadowrun, 4th Edition. I've played 3rd, 2nd, editions (maybe first, I Can't remember), in the past. Are there any DM tools out there that people consider useful, or perhaps tips and things to watch out for from others that have run 4th ed Shadorun?

I'm looking at running some variation on "On the Run", the published adventure by the company, to start with. I have four players, none of whom have played Shadowrun before, although all experienced gamers.