December 31st, 2008

Hellas Character - Atemas

One of the newest rpgs on the market these days is the Greek myth and legend inspired science fiction rpg, Hellas: Worlds of Sun and Stone, published by Khepera Games and Aethereal Forge. I have been promising myself to post up a character that I've created for the game, and have finally done so on my LJ blog.

You can see the Kyklopes Trader that I've created by following the link. The character is behind a cut, as the post is quite long. Hopefully, some folks will comment on the character, their thoughts on the character creation process, and suggest an Epithet for the character, and so forth.

Merry Christmas, all, and I would like to wish everyone a safe, healthy, and prosperous Happy New Year! :)
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Kyoko Moon

All about Props

So roleplayers, do you use props in your games? GM/DMs, do you find them useful tools for storytelling? Players, do you find them to be interesting or distracting? If you do use props, what are your favorite ones? Do you make them or purchase them or some odd combination of the two?

I'm curious because I just spent most of the morning creating some fake paperwork in a beat-up manila folder for the next game I am running. A new NPC is going to give one of the PCs a folder full of information they may want, and when that happens I will hand the player the actual folder I made with that information in it.

I've also made a distressed map for the players to follow for a one-shot. Any miniature-heavy game is sure to have me making custom miniatures for at least me, and usually the whole group. We also have several toy lightsabers for enacting lightsaber battles. There is also a set of Halloween kitty ears floating around here somewhere from when I played a Catgirl.

Good, bad, or neutral, what are your opinions on props?