December 10th, 2008

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The Thrice-Three Principles

I've been meaning to post more stuff about this for some time.

The following is a bit of information for Legend of the Archons, that SotC variant I'm preparing. Well, it's more like what might happen if SotC and tSoY got together and made mutant babies, but there you have it.

Feedback and thoughts on the Principles are not only welcome, they are actively desired - especially alternate names for certain Principles. Yes, there are nine of them like there are nine Spheres in oMage, and also nine Pillars in LoK. It's a good number with mystical significance in some traditions, and I decided to go with that number. I've got symbols/glyphs for each of them as well but haven't translated any of them to digital format.

anyhow, without further ado, I present...


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[1] Occida is the name of the continent where the Legend of the Archons takes place.
[2] Legends are persons marked by Fate for great and terrible things, IE named characters in games of LoA. Some Legends are skilled in deliberately, overtly twisting the threads of Fate - in other words, working magic.

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