December 2nd, 2008

Currency fluctuation simulator?

I'm running a D&D game where the economy has like 10 different currencies that fluctuate in different patterns.

Does anybody have any good ideas for a simple mechanic I can use to track changes in the values of various currencies in relation to one another?

Ideally, each currency would have a personality. Some would be very stable. Others would fluctuate immensely but have overall gains. Etc. etc.
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Well, today I managed to snag a used copy of Savage Worlds for (long story short) $1.14. I can thank this fine community for me knowing it was a good deal when I saw it.

It's first printing, not second, but is essentially the same book.

I've done a quick read thru and a test character to understand it better (reminds me of BESM), but I have a couple of quick questions for the SW players here.

1) When rolling skills, it's just the skill die, not the attribute die + skill die, right? Attributes are there for Edge requirements and skill costs.

2) You use half the die size, not half the total of fighting when figuring Parry or Toughness? So, a d6 fighting is a 5 parry? [2+1/2(1d6)] = 2+3 = 5?

Thanks all.