November 30th, 2008

Voodoo Dolly

But I want to be a Rebel!

A quick comic about World of WarCraft
This came up recently on a MUCK I run, because I was getting fed up with people going 'I'll be from this Nation!' and then say 'But my character rebelled against the caste system!' Sure, I can understand wanting to play someone who stands out, but when you've seen it for the fourth, sixth, tenth time, it becomes too much.

See, I can understand where they're coming from... the nation in question (and it always seems to be that nation) is strict. It has a defined caste system, it has a strict religious theme, and it has a really harsh society when it comes to things like duty, honour, loyalty, and the rest. But the nation is colourful and has races that the players are drawn to. So, they want to be from this colourful nation, and they want to be those colourful races, but they don't want the obligations that come from being a member of the nation.

This also happened with one of the other religions in the game. The religion is honourable, straightforward, direct, stern, and disciplined. So, of course, nobody plays them. Instead, they prefer to paint these guys as the bad guys. We've had a two or three people actually play members of the faith, then break away because they wanted to do things the faith couldn't accept. It really makes me wonder.

Now, one 'rebel', when I talked to him about this, said, 'hey, we're Americans, we like to play rebels, rebels are cool. The best stories are about the people who rebelled against oppression.'

I had to disagree. I mentioned for example, that some of the best stories from Japan involved people who did the right thing, and were punished. Lost family. Lost friends. Lost their own lives. Those who did their duty, however, were rewarded, and sometimes in incredible ways. One personal favourite was a samurai who fell in love with a woman, but when he chose between her and his duty, he chose his duty. It crushed him, because she died while he was doing his duty. He wandered the land, lost. Only, in the end, to find a young woman of a family who suddenly recognized him, and was the reincarnation of his love, and they were happily married.

Or, hell, some of my favourite stories involve the guy who is a part of the system, and who represents the paragon of what it means to be of the group / nation / organization. The ultimate samurai, the ultimate lawman.

You don't have to be the rebel to be cool. I just wish people would see that.

As it is, I've put a complete ban on 'rebels' for new characters. You can be a criminal, sure, I've no problem with that, but you're a criminal who is a natural, organic part of the nation, who believes in the nation's ideals, but who has chosen the 'wrong path'. That's fine. But no more, 'well, I think they're wrong, so I'm going to rise up to stop them' or what-have-you.

Anyone else ever have this problem?
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