November 25th, 2008


Dice roller suggestions?

Occasionally I use dice rolling utilities for my GM and world design work. I used to have some good ones, but they have perished along with the hard drive they were on that crashed.  So, in my continuing quest for the perfect random number generator/dice rolling utility, I thought I'd ask here:  what dice roller do you think is the best?  How feature rich is it? (Personally, I am looking for something very powerful, flexible and ideally customizeable, i.e. that goes beyond just the standard d2 through d100 permutations).  Also please provide a url to its source so I can find a copy and test drive it.

Thanks in advance for your recommendations.
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Midnight Adventures

Since Fantasy Flight Games seems to have taken down the Midnight RPG portion of their website I was wondering if anyone had the free adventures that used to be available.

I'm getting ready to run a Unisystem version of the game and was looking for adventure ideas.

Thoughts of the Dying Earth

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simonrogers posted something to his blog today that I really felt that I should post about, as it's somewhat close to my heart:

This month so far, we have sold precisely zero Dying Earth-related products on rpgnow/dtrpg, zero on IPR and only two orders on Pelgrane (although they were of a decent size.)

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While the game may well disappear from the written records of folks who run and play rpgs, I plan to keep the Dying Earth rpg alive on a set of webpages (when I find a new place to host them). While the forums on the official Pelgrane Press website may well disappear when the end truly arrives and the sun finally expires on this magnificent game, I also intend to keep the Yahoogroups mailing list devoted to the game going. Hopefully, the game will find new fans, new players, and a new life as an underrated, niche game that folks will not forget.

That's my $0.02 on the subject. I'm out of here.
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The Big Conspiracy

Hey folks,

As part of a game I'm running, I recently had some friends NPC as a bunch of higher-ups in the Technocratic Union, and recorded them having an informal board meeting about the Technocracy's strategy towards iPhones, the Space Program, clinical use of deadly viruses, and the status of Horizon. They really ran wild with it so I'm making it available to everyone as a movie. Download & streaming instructions in my journal.

Really great roleplaying and extemporizing. Paricularly of interest to those familiar with Mage: The Ascension, but I've also put in brief background for those who are not. Enjoy.

And to the GMs out there: Providing original multimedia content to your players totally blows their minds.