November 24th, 2008

Green Fairy

Neo-Victorian Roleplaying

I want to run a neo-Victorian game (ok, sort of steampunk.) The best I've come up with so far is Serenity, and Call of Cthulu. Anyone have any other suggestions? I often do homebrewed stuff, but my group will be a lot of newbies, so I thought it would be easier to start with something published, so they can have good reference material.
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D&D conversion.

I just want to say that last night, our Paladin was naked, hanging off the back of a demon floating outside the inn room of another naked party member, beating the demon with his hammer *snicker*. One of the rangers (in the inn room) and he switched places, vaulting over the demon in mid air.

This kind of stuff is NOT possible in any other edition of D&D. I have been completely converted.

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