November 21st, 2008

Star Wars

Star Wars: The Old republic

So, I made the mistake of playing "Knights of the Old Republic II" again and now I want to run a Star Wars game again. I have a while to work up the ideas, but I want a real Star Wats feel and I was thinking of breaking the campaign into episodes (3-9) and titling them. This is what I have so far in no particular order. Any suggestions would be welcome.

Inheritor of the Future
Scions of the Massassai
Rise of the Nightsabers
Shadows of the Past
War for the Republic
Reign of the Sith
An Old Terror
The Force Ascending
The Twilight Horror
The Jedi Rising

Also, any Star Wars tropes that you think are "must haves" (like two droids, a noble, etc). Please shout them out.
Chuy Nyeoww by me

Boston Rifts?

I was wondering if there were any Rifts groups in the Boston area who wouldn't mind teaching a n00b? My cousin told me he was going to teach me, but after I bought the book, he fell off the face of the planet. I've thumbed through the book, and know the general storyline, but with no one to teach me, I have no idea how to play. I would be willing to host, as well!! ^_^