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Thursday, November 20th, 2008
9:53a - Shadowrun Tools
Does anyone know if there's a utility out there compliant with Shadowrun4 (including Arsenal) to assist in building drones (and other vehicles)? Something where you would for example pick a base model, then choose autosoft upgrades and accessories/weapon mounts, and it gives you a final stat sheet with total cost and availability?

I'm new to the system, and my wife is playing our team's hacker. She has more money than she can spend (even maxing out her hacking programs and commlink), so we're thinking about having her leap into rigging (no pun intended).

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10:56a - What to Run at CanGames 2009? Poll
I've just put up a poll on my blog for people to help me decide what to run this year at CanGames, 2009, and am giving folks only two real choices for this one. If you live in Ottawa or are planning to come up to CanGames, please vote in the poll. Even if you're not, please vote in the poll. :)

What to Run, What to Run (CanGames 2009)

Thanks, all. :)

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