November 18th, 2008

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NWoD Mortals Question: Preludes/First Stories

The idea of running a Mortals campaign pulls on me irresistibly; now that I've been running the V:tR demo scenario for the past few weeks, I at last feel comfortable enough with the nWoD mechanics to start my own campaign plans.

But one thing I'm not sure of. Do I run a prelude or a full-on introductory story for the PCs? And if the latter, should I run them through together?

The idea of the prelude is something I've always used when running oWoD games and that I would do in a nWoD game were the PCs playing Kindred, Lost, or other supernatural templates. But the core rulebook suggests that a PC get a full story wherein she has her first brush with the supernatural, including an unsatisfactory resolution that draws the PC into further investigation.

What I would like to do is take one of the adventures in Ghost Stories* and have that be the first full-on introduction to the supernatural for the PCs. But that leaves me at somewhat of a loss for the prelude as the PCs won't really have any obvious interaction with dark or mysterious forces (I would drop in something subtle, but nothing inexplicable or necessarily supernatural). I'm afraid of the prelude being a bit, well, dull.

Advice, anyone?  Am I getting worried about nothing vis-a-vis preludes?  

* Probably the first one about a literal ghost town. This would be the easiest way to bring a group of strangers together and encourage them to work together.  Though the cursed park scenario works admirably, too, if I want to keep the PCs' descent into the horrors of the WoD a bit more gradual.