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Friday, November 14th, 2008
8:31a - Recurring NPCs and character advancement
Here's one for the GMs in the community:

Do the abilities of the recurring NPCs (enemies or allies) improve in your games? If so, how?

In games I've been in, I have seen it done various ways - some GMs did not improve NPCs at all, some gave them XP (generally some fraction of the amount given to PCs), and some periodically improved the NPCs' abilities during the game, usually based on what happened in their last appearance ("The bandit chieftain's been working on his Tracking after you guys gave him the slip that time....").

I'm sure there are other ways to approach this; would anyone like to opine?

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9:12p - Experimental Random Adventure Seed Generator
I've been trying to make use of the new Random Page function of the Wikidot.Com wiki software to make a Random Adventure Seed Generator for the Arcana Wiki.

I have a bunch of ideas on how to use the Random Page function for more complex stuff - random characters, complex plot lines, even random campaign settings. But first, I want to get some feedback on this relatively basic script. So, what do you think of this generator?

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