November 11th, 2008


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I bit off a little more than I could chew with this Changeling campaign that I am running. I have a -lot- of NPCs, a lot of plot threads, a lot of pledges.. and I can't keep track of everything. I was using Wikispaces for a while, but I would lose a page often.. the text would just dissapear after I'd entered it. My husband has a wiki on my brother in law's server, but he runs a Werewolf game, and I'd run into his wiki entries by accident, I think, if I used that Wiki. Paper works the best to put down plot ideas, but sucks to keep track, I lose a lot. Lots of seperate entries in Word is cumbersome, and lags my computer if I have 2394349 entries open.

I am stuck. How do YOU Gms keep track of things?
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Finding the Path

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In prepping for my new Pathfinder campaign, I’m reading through the changes to 3.5 made by the Pathfinder RPG. The purported purpose of said changes was to bring the PHB races and classes up to a power level with later material. I’m comfortable with the changes to the races and I intend to use them to allow my players to branch out into some of the supplement books for races without worrying about ECL nonsense (to a point). The classes are a diverse lot and, in my can’t-even-see-humble-from-here opinion, represent a 2/3rds effort from Paizo to revise the classes. What do I mean? Let’s take a look

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