November 9th, 2008

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World of Darkness Ghost Stories Resources?

My current game is gearing up for a little more ghost hunting and I'm on the hunt for some interesting read material and "case files" that I can introduce into the setting.

The books I'm currently mining for ideas are Wisconsin Road Guide to Haunted Locations, Paranormal Casebook and Haunted Wisconsin.

I've also got DVDs of the Ghost Hunters show which are great, but would love some more books to check out.

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Trying to create a fallen angelic/lich type (AD&D 3.0-esque)


As the subject says, I'm trying to come up w/stats and powers for a pretty unusual character. This guy is basically the "boss" of a sprawling dungeon in which almost everything has taken place in this campaign I've been DMing. The party needs to get past him and his region - called The Graveyard - in order to get out of the place and complete their mission. The angel (Raphael) was put in charge of this massive prison for undead Outsiders a long - too long a - time ago: whereas he was meant to have help in overseeing it for a couple of centuries, he's instead been left alone for a couple millenia. During this time, the place wore him down, he became horribly bitter and corrupted, and a fair bit nuts, and ended up making the place his little realm, and the undead his minions.

That's probably more info than is necessary, but there it is; the one thing that might be vital here is the understanding that this guy is powerful enough to rule over a fair number of powerful undead creatures. By the time the party meets him, assuming no-one dies, they'll be a group of 5 15th level and 2 12th level characters. That might seem low in level for the scenario I'm describing, but this last region they're in is supposed to be extremely difficult. I want there to be a real chance that they'll fail in their mission, whereas too often throughout this whole thing, the party has gotten through a lot of stuff with only one major fatality. It's at least a well-rounded party, and they're well-equipped.

So, I'd love any advice in making up my fallen angel. I'm looking at the Monster Manual's listings for both Solar Angel and Lich, thinking I can combine the two (I'd have to replace the many good-aligned spells the Angel gets with appropriate evil counterparts). But maybe there's already a good example or listing of something akin to an undead angel? I've never dealt with anything this high level before, and certainly not on the level of a powerful angelic type (there actually was a sort of perverted angel earlier in the dungeon, but totally weak compared to how this guy will need to be). But I bet someone here has experience in the whole epic-level DMing biz.

I'm also trying to come up with a scenario in which the party could actually sway this guy back into the light. It should be extremely difficult to achieve, but I don't want to railroad my players into an optionless situation where they always have to fight or die. That said, I'm having a hard time trying to imagine how this could be done.

Lastly, I should mention that the party has - but has probably even forgotten they have (my players annoy me a bit w/just how much they forget... meh) - a very powerful item that should be able to help make their final battle winnable. It's basically a large bottle of super-charged holy water, of a nature that could destroy a powerful undead creature instantly (but not one as powerful as this fallen angel). It perhaps could be powerful enough to blast the thing down to half its HP? 3/4ths? Just saying that, though, makes me concerned that I might end up making things too easy... it's always hard to tell how well a party will fare against something until it all goes down.

Just FYI, some technical details: I use a homebrewed modification of AD&D 3.0/3.5... it's not that different, just more expanded than anything. I can easily adapt anything done up in 3.0-ish stats, etc.

Thanks for reading!

An insane idea . . .

I'm not sure how serious I am at this time -- and I don't know if I want to keep allowing my mind to function when it's thinking like this -- but I'm slowly realizing that I want to review all of the WFRP (2) releases. The line is wonderful, with many of the books a lot of fun to read through, and I constantly find myself thinking "I should just post my thoughts on the entire series."

Maybe I will. Maybe I won't. For now, though, I've completed the following reviews:

And I have reviews in various stages for several other releases in the line. I'm pretty confident that I have the complete collection (including the Free RPG Day adventure, The Pig, The Witch and Her Lover), so all that should stand between now and writing a review for each release in the series is . . . life. Damn you, life, you always prevent me from completing my stupid ideas.

Well, maybe not this time.

Goodbye to a Game

Well...I have decided. I am saying goodbye to Exalted. Found some nice people to take the books off my hands and I think that will be that.

I dunno if it's forever. Some subsequent edition will have to really work hard to woo me back and I don't think that will happen. So for now, it's sayonara.

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Shadow person

Harumen In SR4

Have you seen Runner's Companion yet for SR4? I took a look through it when I bought a couple of books at Fan Boy 3 yesterday - and I think I've found myself an all-new favourite metavariant.

Harumen. I so want to play a Harumen physad, now, following the Athlete's Way, and crawl through the air ducts. :)

Does anyone else play SR4? If so, have you had any of the metavariants turn up in play? Discuss.
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