November 8th, 2008

Voodoo Dolly

Revelations (Game Geek Stuff)

Not too too long ago I had a discussion with Cat about a Christian RPG. Specifically, my concept involved Revelations in particular. My view for the game was that the Rapture had come and gone, and there were people left over --- 'The Meek', having more or less literally inherited the Earth. The numerous Anti-Christs had begun to claim power, along with one potent figure, who had pretty much taken over the world. In this setting, the shock of the Rapture had left a lot of people wondering what had happened. Some people, post-Rapture, have turned to the Christian faith, while others have given up all hope of being saved.

In the setting, the players are survivors. The big theme for this game is that the new (or surviving) Christians are attempting to find refuge against the enemy, and help bring people into the fold. While most Christian games I know of involve a lot of preaching inside the game, this RPG I had planned went a different route. Essentially, preaching gets you killed. To convert others, to show them your way is correct, involves going out into enemy territory, and performing deeds. Deeds, selfless actions while adhering to the faith, creates a spiritual resonance, and those who are attuned (needing salvation and able to accept the Message) will sense this resonance, and assist the PCs. If they can smuggle these people out of the cities and to the safe havens, these people will take up the banner and help. No 'conversions', no preaching, no arrogance. You go out and you do what is right, and those who are 'ready' will come of their own volition, joining the faith and taking up the mantle as well.

Miracles would exist, but would be subtle, little things the GM has as tools to help the PCs and to give signs and portents, or to move things along. PCs who have performed many Deeds and shown their faith and selflessness can also narrate miracles, but nothing blatant, and not for selfish reasons. The idea of the game is... you were left behind, you don't know if you'll be saved or if it is already too late for you. Faith becomes very important here -- will your actions make a difference for your soul? Is what you are doing pointless? You aren't supposed to know, but the goal is to press ahead and do what is right anyway, even in the face of a thousand years under the rule of the Enemy.

And the Enemy have tools. They control the governments, they control the economy, they control technology, they have infernal powers, which are more violent, and more insidious, and more blatant than what the heroes get. However, in the wings (so to speak) are the servants of God, who work in the shadows and assist the worthy. They're not to show themselves, but blend in, act as advisers and allies, and help steer the good guys, without ever tipping their hand.

So that's my idea for a Christian RPG. The idea is not to be preachy, not to give the heroes 'powers', and set up a nice 'what if' without having the goal be 'you must convert everyone!' Thoughts?
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