November 5th, 2008

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nWoD Essentials?

As as a new convert to the New World of Darkness line, I find myself somewhat bewildered at the plethora of supplementary books available. 

So I ask for help.  I'm primarily interested in Vampire: the Requiem (as a Storyteller and hopefully player) and Changeling: the Lost (as a player only for now).  I'd also love to run or play in a purely mortals game (not Hunter: the Vigil, just the core rulebook human beings). 

Any tips?  Damnation City looks pretty compelling and I've heard good things about Armory.  Any others worth looking into?  (I was never one for clan books/tribe books/kith books/etc. in my oWoD games, so any "Twink's Guide to the Ultimate Ganrgel" sort of supplements won't be up my alley.)