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Friday, October 24th, 2008
10:48p - World of Darkness:Maques of Hampton County
I am pretty new to table top gaming. I tried to play in a D&D game and it was more combat heavy than role playing. I found myself bored and wondering off. The majority of games (and by majority I mean all) run in my game store are D&D 4thed. We have a "quiz" on our web site that tells you which game you would be best suited for. The first one it gave me was "World of Darkness", I remembered LARPing "Vampire:the Requiem" and enjoying it. I also really like reading about supernatural things. I was covering the store and a new customer came in and was talking about how he wanted to start a WOD game (fate I guess!) We started 2 weeks ago (basic character creation, explaining the game, plus 1 week we were off cause a couple people couldn't be there). Tonight was our first session. As I said I'm pretty new to role playing (aside from sorta listening in on games, I've only role played a couple D&D sessions and Pit fights, and even that was mostly all combat and no RPing). We are all starting off as humans and can have a preference on what we want to become, but it's not guaranteed. I don't have my character sheet (our GM holds onto them along with our note books [for the time being]), but I will try my best to explain my character! I can't remember Attributes at all.

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