October 14th, 2008


D&D newbie...

Greetings. I'm pretty new to the whole roleplaying scene, but my poison of choice has been for the past month Dungeons and Dragons (4.0). I've really been enjoying myself (even though sometimes I feel really stupid because I'm the only person in the group who's never played before), but I have a tiny little problem I'd like some help with.

To get some extra experience points our DM requested that we write a background for out character. I'm fine with that and I already basically have a story worked out - my problem is, as a newbie, I really have no solid concept of the D&D world. Yes, it is a fantasy realm, but what about the cities and economy and the people? I barely know anything about even my own species - I picked it mostly 'cause it looked cool. To write a solid back story what I really need is like an encyclopedia or something that can give some background on the D&D universe. I don't own a Player's manual (though an online one of those would help too) or anything and I've come up somewhat empty handed in my journeys through the internet. I need more than stats, I need some character.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! <3