September 24th, 2008

4E D&D

Same rules apply, this isn't a trolling post and you can feel free to ignore it if you don't want to read or take part in the discussion. The bulk of it will be behind an lj-cut.

I really like this community and I'm really glad that some of you read my disapproval of 4th edition and brought different perspectives to the table rather than just nitpick me for expressing my disdain. I really don't think these "arguments" are going to disappear any time soon (the game has only been out two months!!) and those of you who met my criticism of the new rules with constructive advice or made statements of genuine merit will be happy to know you've won me over, and Collapse )

I still don't really regard 4th edition as what I've known and loved about D&D. But D&D started as a wargame, and 4E's primary emphasis is on combat encounters (How useful is a Fighter out of combat? A Warlord?) but that doesn't inherently make it a bad role-playing game. Just a different one. Even Warhammer, a venerable and successful wargame, has role-playing elements that keep players coming back for more of the story.
The new design team have taken existing elements and retooled them to be more consistent (feats and skills) and have done away with confusing or complicated aspects of the game (multiclassing or spell levels that didn't correspond with character levels). The comparison to video games can't be ignored, but there have always been archetypal roles and WOTC have just tried to make it easier to identify those roles by adopting the terminology used by MMO players and incorporating them into the system.
In what they tried to accomplish they were actually quite successful.
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It's 106 miles to Chicago, and we have a quarter tank of gas...

Or in my case, I have a game to run in two days and nothing prepared.

Rather than bore you with my personal dilemma (which I'll do anyway but cut it for those who aren't interested), I'll ask this:

How do you as a GM face last-minute preparations? When real life, fatigue, illness or simple procrastination suck up the days until you realize, Holy crap I need more time! I know there are those who can have a whole world in their head and just go with the flow - heck I know a guy who runs without even sitting at the table, uses no notes and no rulebooks. This question is not for those people :)

I run on Friday nights after work. One time I stayed up late on a Thursday before the game to "throw something together" and it backfired on me. I found myself falling asleep behind the screen by 10pm.

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30-sided die

Glitch at's dice roller?

Does anyone here know what's going on with's Dice Server? I keep getting error messages when I try to actually get the die rolls. I can't download any of their stuff either.

On a slightly different topic, can anyone recommend online dice rollers for use with PBP games? I've found Asmor's Dice Roller, but was wondering if anyone else has any recommendations.
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Fighters - How Useful Outside of a Fight?

nerdwerds brought up a point I found amusing in his latest post, and it's something I'd like to hear a bit more on:

How useful is a Fighter out of combat? A Warlord?

How useful should a Fighter be outside of combat? Let's say you've picked up a class based game, and you're playing the Fighter, or the Warlord, or the Man At Arms, or the Warrior, or Soldier, etc. What sorts of skills and abilities should he have outside of fighting things? Let's say you're playing a skill based game, and you've decided to make the big bruiser or the meatshield. How many points would you put in to non fighting stuff? Would you want a well rounded big bruiser, or someone who just kicks ass really, really well?

My first thought is that a fighter shouldn't be particularly useful out of combat, he's a Fighter. It's right there in the name. He's spent most of his time practicing hitting things with a big pointy stick, and that's where he shines.

When I get a chance to play (as oppose to GM), I've usually gone for fighter types, be it in Savage Worlds, Vampire, or the abortive Eberron game I played in. (Hell, my main in WoW is a 70 Prot Warrior...) And looking back, they were all somewhat useless outside of a fight, although my Daeva bodyguard was really good at intimidating people in to submission. Not to say any of them were stupid, or uninteresting (aside from the Eberron game Fighter) but when it came time for politicking or investigating, they'd generally hang back or tag along with another PC.

So how about you, how useful should a Fighter be outside of a fight?
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Battle map

Heya there!
I have a question to ask: basically, when i play D&D e3.5, i love everything about it. Except one thing - drawing the battle field, and moving everyone around. Since i use a piece of paper, and just symbols displaying the chars, erasing and redrawing everyone to display movement - sucks! So, i thought to myself, why not ask someone about it. It cannot be just me, that this annoys! And if someone, who it annoys is a little less lazy then i am, he/she could have written a program, that allows you to draw a battle map, and move icons around. So if anyone heard about something like that, i would REALLY appreciate it, if you could tell me the name of the program...
Or just tell me, how you avoid the problem. Do you use miniatures? Does erasing-redrawing not bother you? etc.