September 11th, 2008

vae victus

going solo

I just got done with probably the best gaming session I've played, ever. If not the best, definitely in the top five. I mean, there was that session where the party had to deal with a demonic sword that possessed one of the party members, and there was that time when I was a playing an Alaghi Druid and we went to Gahenna to find and destroy Strahd... But this session was really, really good.

And it was a one-on-one session.

My 2nd Ed. Ravenloft game that I posted about here a while ago has, since the last five or six sessions, gone down to solo. There were originally three players in the line-up with a possible fourth. But the possible fourth and the definite third never made it, and the second player (Sonomars) was unable to continue gaming with us due to scheduling conflicts with work/girlfriend.

Now, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, when is this azurebutthole going to Lj-cut this number one, and number two Collapse )