September 9th, 2008

Rawkin Chewbawkin

What's your typical payoff for a Shadowrun?

A question for new and experienced Shadowrun players and GMs alike. I've been playing in my second-ever Shadowrun campaign (4th edition, if it matters) for some time now, about a year. My first game was short lived and some 15 years ago, so everything was sparkling and new to me this time around.

I was curious to know what others' experiences have been regarding karma awards and nuyen paid for runs done. So the official question is, what's the average karma award you would expect for a successful run completed in a single session? As well, what's the average payoff per character? Feel free to insert your personal stories and reminiscences; I'm finding myself quite enamored of the setting and system.

Now the background. Our GM is a long time SR fan and, according to his own account, owns "every supplement ever published." He has, self-admittedly and quite shamelessly, been running modules published for previous editions of the game, with the names changed to protect the NPCs (note my omission of the term "innocent") and other personal touches inserted in order to make the adventure Different in case anyone's been through it before. In general, our runs take a Left Turn at Albuquerque fairly early on, so there's little danger of "I walk three meters to the south and deactivate the hidden pressure sensor that my character has no way of knowing about" syndrome. And, really, every GM should be prepared, if not literally, then at least emotionally, for his players to deviate from a structured plot... right?

Anyway, it seems to me that our runs of late have been paying extraordinarily well. Not enough to buy Permanent lifestyles as of yet, but enough that some of our characters are starting to eye some of the more drastically expensive 'ware upgrades.

Now, I entreat you to reply without peeking under the cut, which contains specific examples from the campaign I'm in. I'm putting it there so it won't taint your response, but will satisfy your curiosity, if it exists. Thanks for your consideration.

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