September 8th, 2008


I miss gaming! (X-posted to my personal journal)

So this weekend, I spend nearly all of my time reading this:

Dungeons and Dorks

Let me tell you, it's frikkin awesome! xD As if you couldn't tell by my non-stop reading just to get caught up. I'm hoping it won't take a dive now that 4e has arrived (or as I like to call it: DnD Miniatures 2.0), I think I'll be sorely dissapointed if they don't bring back my Illithid friend.

I never really cared for that particular race in the past. I mean, I don't hate them as much as say...vampires *shudder*, but they weren't, and really still aren't, my favorite race. Still though, there have been a couple of shining Squiddy moments in my gaming career, the first one being my husbands' Good aligned Illithid Swashbuckler (Who's name I can no longer remember x.x||) and the second being the trying-so-very-hard-to-be-evil Ethan xD

Since I'm a girl, you know this means I totally think he should end up with the cute elf girl (Lia). (and maybe her Player too x9) haha listen to me already, I'm such a girl right? ^.^

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