September 6th, 2008

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Systems Hunt III: The Winnowing Continues

Okay, this is another in my series of posts about seeking a game system for a particular campaign I'm going to run. I swear I'll finish narrowing this down eventually. The other posts are here: (12)

I've done some more work on this process, and have updated my list of systems that have been considered or discussed. Changes from last time are italicized. 7/18 are already out flatCollapse )edit the second: I'm not looking to have more systems recommended to me at this point, I'm looking for feedback on the ones I'm presently considering. If there's a system that I simply must hear about and that isn't on the list above, feel free to tell me, but please make sure you say precisely why. Comments that just say I might want to look at system X are not especially helpful.
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