September 1st, 2008

Little help?

Just when you thought we couldn't discuss 4e any more!

Alright folks, the following I'm about to post is not something I wrote. It's actually an email from my DM that was sent to our entire gaming group, based on the events of our gaming experience this past weekend. So if you disagree with any of his points, please don't criticize me about it. :) I'm posting it because overall I want the opinions of people who have been playing 4e quite a bit and have found ways around these challenges. I will admit I agree with some of his points, but I'm not going to tell you which ones. :D

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How could we maybe solve these issues, or what about these named issues do you think he is mistaken on and how can I explain that to him? I have a more limited knowledge of the game than he does at this point, being that I haven't read all the books in entirety yet.

Thanks for your help! :)