August 26th, 2008


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So... I like old gaming magazines. They're charming in some ways, sometimes have some great stuff nobody's going to recognize thanks to age, and they're certainly a good bargain at $2-4 worth of used bookstore store credit.

I've noticed a lot of ads for Fantasy Games Unlimited stuff, like "Chivalry and Sorcery," "Daredevils," "Flashing Blades," and so on. Chivalry and Sorcery is the only one where someone else currently holds the license. I've run into a lot of ads but never any reviews, so I'm not desperate to try out any of the games, but I'm simply curious about them.

Has anyone ever played any of the Fantasy Games Unlimited games? What did you think of them?
Storm Trooper in Moment of Triumph

D and D 3.5: Psion vs. Sorcerer

Does anyone have advice on a psion fighting a sorcerer? I have both ego whip and larval flayers.  At first glance, ego whip is a better choice - it lowers charisma and stuns.  But larval flayers do up to 12 intelligence drain points per 3 power points spent, where ego whip drains only up to 4 charisma points for each 3 power points spent.

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If folks don't know yet, a few people got the Axe over at Wotc. (including Linae Foster - licensing Manager) and GamerZero (on page 2 further down)

What do people think of this? I realize that wizards is a corporate giant and that jobs will sometimes be lost, but Gamer Zero was the Community Manager (or one of them) on the WoTc boards.

any opinions?