August 24th, 2008

Voodoo Dolly

Shining Sons and Glittering Daughters

Something that came up while reading a thread on the Twilight vampire novels (and upcoming movie). I was told that the vampires don't go out in the day because they're so beautiful that they glisten and sparkle in the sunlight, and cause people to love them on sight. My wife somewhat scoffed at the conceit, but it made me think of something else... the nephilim - the offspring of angels and mortals.

See, these things were called shining sons and glittering daughters in the bible, and began to rule mankind (until the flood hit them and then... well, you know). But I thought ... you know, that would be very interesting for an RPG race (not for a PC, but for part of a setting)... a race that lurks in the shadows and at night because they are that beautiful, that in the light of day, they glisten and glow, and any who witness them have this urge to drop to their knees and worship. In the ancient past, this was useful, but in the modern age? Not so much.

I think I may have something here to use in my nWoD campaign. They'd make a useful foil, or even an unwilling adversary - someone who has started a cult unwittingly, and is trying to deal with it, and the PCs are drawn into this... the creature has these fanatical worshippers (whether they wish it or not), who uses the creature to justify everything they do, saying they're doing it 'for you!'
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your game world... show me it

If you've created your own gameworld*, regardless of setting, system, or whatever, please to share it now. I want to know about your landscapes, religions, cultures, nations/governments/kingdoms/whatever, laws of physics/magic/nature (eg. in this world there are two suns, etc), history, flora and fauna... as much as you want to share.
Particularly of interest would be what makes your gameworld unique? What kind of stories/adventures/situations would a character encounter there?
Also, if you'd like to talk about the creative process you went through to create this world, I'd also be interested. Be as brief or long winded as you like.

*(is "gameworld" a word? can it be a word? or should it be two words "game world"? kind of like how "worldview" is one word, even though its two. one of those compound words, you know?)

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