August 23rd, 2008

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ORE - Star Wars conversion, multiple actions

Posted this to too, but I guess there's a possibility that SOME of the audience doesn't overlap *grins*

In short - does anyone have suggestions on making multiple actions more viable in ORE? In REIGN (admittedly the only ORE version I've studied in depth) you need to have 5d in your WORST pool to even have a chance of succeeding, and given that the absolute limit is 10d per roll I'd say a character with 5d is pretty decently skilled.

This, IMO, doesn't fit well with the Star Wars setting. I want combat to be much more flashy, with people duelling while dodging blaster fire, leaping across chasms... you know the drill.

So does anyone have ideas on how to kludge ORE so that even mid-level characters (with pools of 5-6d) can stand a decent chance of taking at least two actions per round?