August 22nd, 2008

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Systems Hunt II: The Winnowing Begins

Okay, I'm posting this and in all likelihood a series of follow-ups from my recent post on the subject. Cross-posted to my own journal.

I have taken the advice of this community, er, into under advisement, and have begun reviewing a number of the various systems that were recommended to me. I haven't gotten to them all yet, of course (since it's been only a couple days and a man has to work, eat and such), but will provide the list of systems that I am either considering or reviewing. I'll provide the list of systems below and a short explanation of why each was recommended, as I understand the recommendation. Following that, I will elucidate on the thoughts I have after doing a quick skim of two of the systems in question. Within the next few days, I'll hit the others on the list and give them a similar treatment. Once I've narrowed the field a bit, then I'll give the systems that remain a closer comb-through. Also, I will address some of the statements I've gotten on some of them.

I'll post it here so you can see a bit of my thinking process (beware!) and to provide possibility of feedback.
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Commentary? Questions? Suggestions?
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