August 20th, 2008

  • uhlrik

Systems Hunt

Okay, I'm working on designing a setting for a game that I'll probably* eventually run.

I was going to modify/house-rule Scion to allow for where I want to go for this game, but after researching the game system, perusing the forums etc, I'm having serious second thoughts and thought I'd come to this community for advice. Scion is thematically right, but I'm increasingly feeling that it's systemically wrong. I don't expect that any system out there will fully satisfy everything I want from the get-go, but I enjoy tweaking systems anyhow so that's hardly a huge deal. I'd like to to be as close as possible from the start, however.

I'm not going to go into full details, but here is some of the most pertinent stuff that would impact what system I'll settle on:

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Now, as much as I adore Capes, that game's out. I want there to be a clearly defined GM this time out, and I don't want players to be able to retcon the whole plot on a whim and a few dice rolls (*pulls off the mask* "See, it was Old Man Perkins all along!"). I love those things, but they won't work for what I'm trying to do here.

As you can see, my needs are quite specific, and I'll almost certainly have to heavily house-rule any and every system that I encounter to fit. Any suggestions on where to start or what systems would be a fair fit?

*I'm constantly designing settings and either using them or not, though most at least see some use. As I've said elsewhere, if at any point I wasn't designing/modifying/tinkering with settings/ characters/ game systems etc, I just might drop dead.
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(no subject)

For the next rotation at the club I am going to be playing The Savage Worlds of Solomon Kane. The GM e-mailed me with some rules amendments, saying that he did not like the card mechanics, sepcifically for those to do with initiative. Instead, he would use a twenty-sided die.

I objected, saying that I was lead to believe that I would be playing a Savage Worlds game, not a variant, and did not see the point of changing it to a dice mechanic. Essentially, it was the d20 System via the back door. Not that I object to the d20 System , but that the game was advertised as not being a d20 System game.

The GM has posted to the club fora, asking if anyone else objects to his changes.