August 18th, 2008

  • uhlrik

Character Creation: Attack of the Clones

As a sort of bizarro version of the previous post, I figure that I'll add a little something that might be worth discussing and sharing stories about.

Have you ever had a player in your group that, rather than always trying to be "unique", always essentially insisted on playing the same character? Now, this might be basic name-swaps, or running continually with very similar character types (such as the infamous Trenchcoat Katana Gumbies that have, to a reduced degree, somehow escaped from the Nineties - see below), or perhaps always having to repeat some aspect of the character again and again and again? Or maybe just characters that somehow always look the same? Another possibility is having a variety of different characters, but somehow they always have identical personalities...

Katana Gumby

Now, I've run variations on a theme a number of times, but I'm talking about folks that seem to be one-note players.
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