August 4th, 2008

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Especially for you guys who run large roleplaying games online (forums, livejournals, etc) or have had experience doing so, what do you do to combat the formation of cliques? They exist in every big game to a certain extent, because people will gravitate toward those players and characters they've connected with, but what do you do to discourage it?

I'm new here btw, hello! ::waves::

Taking Neutral to mean "do what you want"

I'm in a DnD 4th game, and I'm running across a couple of players who seem to think that since they're neutral they can effectively do whatever they want, and it's frustrating because I keep telling them I want to run a Heroic Campaign. (Heroic in this case NOT being Morally ambigous, but truly Heroic/Good-ish.)

Imagine my dismay when the group came along a warren of sleeping goblin children and wanted the dragonborn character to murder them all with his breath weapon. Now I DID NOT railroad them through this, I mearly stated that this was an evil act, as he was killing unarmed sleeping children, and the Dragonborn character decided not to do it, but not without significant bitching and moaning from a couple of the other players in the game.

Haven't talked to them yet, but I will be soon. I might have to remove one or 2 of them from the game over this, but I'm being cautious and trying not to be hasty.

what would you do when you suddenly encounter Neutral characters behaving more toward evil. (and players attempting to force another player into it)
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