August 2nd, 2008


how much redo do you do

as a GM for a fair size group I find myself constantly having to edit, or in some cases completly overhaul  my plot for each weeks game. Usually it is because of who can or can't make it, or because I did something to similar the week before or just because I don't feel like running that  this week.
 so what I would like to know is how often do you have to change your game before hand, and if it cheeses you off to do so. Personally I tend to get ready for saturday about tuesday so I have plenty of time for rewrites. I would say that about 60% of the time what I have down stands, but the other 40% ...
I don't get mad if someone gives me like 24hour notice or so, or in emergencies, but when someone cancels last minute because stuff came up bothers me.
 I have a player who will try to cancel with me if he finds out he could be the focus of the game. irritating, to say the lest. And before anyone says don't focus on him, sometimes that is not viable. He will sometimes get his character into a situation where I have to focus on him.
It is a bother when you write a plot for something in paticular and have to throw it out the window because of a cancelation. That is why we play multiple games in the same campaign, so that we can alternate to another city(we play champions) but even then you have to come up with a diffrent game and so more work goes into it. currently one of my regular players is gone for a month due to family problems. I am not upset that he is unavailable, I understand about his problem, all I am saying is that it causes Gm problems that takes some tightrope walking to fix. 
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