July 28th, 2008


4th Edition Power... or Castlevania Game?

Castlevania games are famous for having ridiculous and meaningless titles. Even the most diehard fans agree. Of course, the title of a hack & slasher video game is not as weighty on the imagination as the design of core abilities for classes in a fantasy RPG. One of the criticisms of 4th edition D&D is that class powers seem to have been designed as rules first, then given flavor to explain the dice, marks, and plusses.

So I created a quiz. Can you tell the D&D Powers from the Castlevania Games? Score +1 for every correct guess, -1 for every incorrect guess. There are not even numbers of powers/games. The key is under the cut.

Brand of Judgement
Legacy of Darkness
Sign of Ill Omen
Crown of Glory
Curse of Darkness
Scourge of the Unworthy
Portrait of Ruin
Aria of Sorrow
Lament of Innocence
Dance of Death
Cage of Chains
Symphony of the Night
Circle of the Moon
Blood Storm
Reign of Terror
Dawn of Sorrow
Doom of Delban
Belmont's Revenge
Vampiric Embrace
Jaws of the Wolf
Crescendo of Violence
Hurricane of Blood
Harmony of Dissonance
Wings of the Fiend
Act of Desperation

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