July 24th, 2008


Lucky rolls...

well, last night i had the most obscene roll in a wod game that i have ever had.

on an attack roll, as a mortal in a requiem for Rome game (riffing on the first part of the Giovanni chronicles somewhat) i managed to get 12 successes with an iron bar, in new wod, that's 12 lethal damage enough to put a crimp on most peoples days...

i was quite pleased with myself.

so it leads me to the question...

What is the luckiest or most memorable roll you have ever rolled.

was it pretty much a cert or was it a long shot, what system were you playing?

Enlighten me
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Last night I experienced one of my biggest let downs in a D&D game in a very long time. It wasn't Bad RPing, it wasn't any real form of suck, but it was a giant let down.

See, since level 1, we have known that there was a big Beholder in the city. At level 2, we had an encounter with the Beholder, that we 'won' (the DM didn't want to wipe out the party that early in the game, and so we threw Alchemist's Fire at the Beholder who just turned around and left). Ever since then we have been trying to track him down and find him.

Two sessions (which was actually over a month ago), we finally found out where he had been hiding. Last session (last week), we went to his mansion and started to clear out the area and find our way down to the dungeon part.

Eventually we found him. In the course of getting there, we used up probably about 50% of our spells and such (including two dispel magics, and a disintegrate along with some other big spells). The DM pointed out that if we took the time to rest, we would probably loose him.

For the first time since level 2, we actually felt like there was a good chance we would not win this fight. My Seeker of the Song/Bard was the only one doing significant damage, and I was nearly out of songs. The Rogue was killed in the first round, while our Cleric was petrified. The Wizard used her last remaining Stone to Flesh to fix the Cleric, but by then it was too late for the Rogue. The Beholder was floating 30' off the ground, so the Fighter couldn't reach him. The Archer (my character's cohort) was cowered at the entrance. The Monk was running up the wall and making fall-by stun attempts. The NPC Rogue (which was our Rogue’s daddy, and who we had to use a Stone to Flesh to rescue) was being thrown by the fighter. Eventually the Wizard wound up in the Ethereal Plane, and the Cleric wound up on top of the Beholder. But by that point most of her big spells were either useless (the Beholder had an item that gave him DR 20 vs Fire) or gone.

We were trying to tell her to cast her Fly spell on the Fighter, but she was worried about the return trip through the dungeon (never mind that she had teleport). That's when she discovered that the DM (her boyfriend, who did her spells at the last level up) had given her "Limited Wish". She wanted to know what she could do with it. After about 20 minutes of discussion (which was really annoying, since we had been playing since 5, the fight didn't start until 11:30pm, and it was already 1:55am...and we were all starting to fall asleep), she looked at the DM and grinned.

"I want to use Limited Wish for Baleful Polymorph. The Beholder fails his Fort save (though makes his Will Save). And thus a fight that we had been dealing with for over two hours was ended in a very unspectacular way, and a bit of a let down. Everyone kind of felt the same way, except maybe Wizard.

Of course maybe I'm just sore because the DM went "I think Alia wins MVP for damage verse the Beholder tonight, with her broken Bard." And the Monk and Rogue went "No! The Wizard totally should get it because she ended the fight." Yeah, she does that a lot. My Bard? Not so much. I wouldn't have been able to kill the Beholder, but I made him Exhausted and dealt him almost 100 points of damage...which was more than anyone else did.

Either way, it felt as though the fight was completely pointless. Even when a fight has lasted 2 rounds, before the Fighter or Wizard has ended, in the past, it felt like a good fight. This one? Not so much.

Anyone else ever have major fights end in really big let downs?

most annoying

we had a player in our group that could never ever make a choice without using a table and dice. if asked which way he wanted to go he would construct a table on a piece of paper, say 1-3 right 4-5 left 6-back the way I came. he would then roll his die to figure out what to do. funny thing is the tables were never evenly spread out. like in the above example it should have been 1-2 3-4 5-6. he seriously would not make a decision ever. even when he was faced with multiple enemies he had to make a table. it was perhaps the most annoying player quirk I ever put up with. which brings me to the question, what was(is) the most annoying player quirk in your group? 
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The Dresden Files Rpg...

So the second group of play testing for the Dresden Files Rpg (being made by Evil Hat productions).  

So my questions is whether there is any interest in it, and why?

Poll #1229250 Dresden Files

Are you excited about the Dresden Files Rpg?

What are the Dresden Files?
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