July 22nd, 2008


Mapping Woes

I'm having difficulty with tabletop combat grids in 4e.

With piles of miniatures at my disposal, and even a few of the official DnD Dungeon Tiles box sets, this should be a snap. Not so. I tend to find that muddling around with dungeon tiles takes the initial excitement out of combat, even if they've been set aside meticulously beforehand.

In the past (in 3.5) we'd simply used one of those giant black-and-squared battlemaps, but they were always the sort of terrain-less, hum-drum battles which 4e avoids like the plague.

I had a friend suggest the downloadable 'DungeonForge' application, but even that limits my maps to the size of a single piece of printer paper.

What does everyone here use when setting out combat grids? Any tricks or tips you'd like to pass along?