July 20th, 2008


character background fic. yay?

So this character concept is something I've had around a while but never got to play out past third level or so. Originally an Arcane Disciple cleric subclass from Dragon Magazine (limited arcane spells cast as divine) I decided to see how well he'd do in 4e in a game that's just recently started. I'm going to multiclass him somewhat, but I'm not sure yet in what direction, probably arcane to fit the original concept, though I may have to change something about that, as most of his wizard spells were debuffs. (<3 Ray of Enfeeblement. <3 <3) Shima is at his base a character very much like Seta Sojiro, and I borrowed a lot of that character's past and outlook. Always smiling, always polite, but cold underneath. I wanted a distinctive and unnerving look too, which is why Shima is short, has a long, blond braided hair, looks years younger than he really is, carries a huge scythe and has a disturbing affinity for skull-themed items and dress.

I added a oni-mask to this concept, when trying it out in a more chinese-setting, and from there it stuck. In this case when wearing the mask, he's able to let his true self to the surface. Adding his totally devoted and rather unsettling service to the goddess of death, this also touches on what I feel are the most interesting aspects of the Death Knights in Exalted, seemingly ruthless bastards who are at once trapped in the living world yet have a mission to free people from their suffering mortal bodies, to an afterlife that they know for an absolute fact is a better place.

He's not *bad*, but he's not particularly nice either, and has no respect for those who refuse to help themselves. It's okay if you need a little guidance and push in the right direction, and he'll willingly help those who are interested in helping themselves, but he won't put up with whiners and anyone who basically won't risk everything to improve a bad situation.

warning, goddamn long. goddamn.

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