July 17th, 2008


[Pimp My Vampire] Part 1: The Basics

Just in case some of you want to help out, but aren't familiar with the revamp of Vampire, here's a Super Quick VtR Overview:

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And now, a very quick rundown on what's going on in my setting, Austin, TX:

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I'll post the vamps of Austin by Covenant over the next week or two. First up, the Carthians.
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[Pimp My Vampire] Part 2: The Carthians

(It should go without saying, halloweenboy, inpseudonym, hunterburgess, kenkewl and any of my players who aren't on LJ, if you see these posts do not read on. There will be massive, massive spoilers. I will kick you in the junk and boot you from the game, tearing up your character sheet as I laugh maniacally.)


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Tomorrow or so: More Carthians!
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On my quest for Al-Qadim books (because, let's face it, 2nd Ed. -did- have the best settings) I stumbled across the Ravenloft Forbidden Lore boxed set.

For $10.

Of COURSE I snatched that puppy up like the desperate fangirl that I am. A furtive rattle of the box proved that yes, in fact, it sounded like it had a set of dikesha, which I've been looking for for several years. I was silently willing that they were at least in readable shape, since I've heard that the stickers tend to get dirty and peel over time, leaving sad little useless blocks of white plastic in their wake.

I nervously paid for the set, clutching it to my chest, thinking that when it would be rung up it would have to be much more expensive (the Al-Qadim boxed set that I, strangely enough, didn't buy was listed at $60) and dashed to my truck. I couldn't wait, and I tore off the protective plastic wrapping.



The dikesha didn't even have the stickers put on them. The tarokka didn't look like it had even been shuffled. The books had no creases in the covers, and the map was sharp enough to cut glass.

It sparkled in the early morning sun (well, 9am, early enough) and I could have sworn the radiance came from inside the box itself.

It's sitting on my desk now, and I'm simply staring at it in reverence. Ah... what a fabulous find. For me, anyway.

Which begs the question... what was your favorite gaming find? Or, what have you been looking for for years that would bring a huge smile to your face? Yah, I know the Ravenloft set isn't particularly special or rare, but it means something to -me-. What would mean something to you? :}