July 16th, 2008


Audio mimir...

quite some time ago i came across a D+D audio sampler cd with various soundtracks (composed i believe by midnight syndicate, although i may be wrong) among them was a sample of a cd that was effectivly an audio mimir.

and the creators explaining that cd is a great medium as you can skip straight to the track you want to hear and it adds a bit more depth and realism to the game.

it occurs to me now, that it would be not only possible but also amazingly viable and useful to do somthing in an mp3 format.

if its done as an audio wiki kind of thing, where anyone could add to it and download the bits that they need, it would feel like an actual in game mimir, and all you would need is somthing to play the mp3 (or ogg or whatever format)

the main problem i would forsee is that it would take somewhere to host it.

any thoughts on this idea?

also, i recall seeing an advert on the old planewalker site where you could buy the old audio mimir on mp3 as well as other planescape e-books.

does anyone recall where that site is.

many thanks

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[Interest?] Fleshing Out My Vampire Game

I figured I'd do a post here to judge interest before typing up gobs and gobs of stuff. (Which I will of course dutifully LJ-cut.)

As you've probably seen, I've started a new Vampire the Requiem game. I'm doing it in sort of a Sandbox Style, where the plan is to flesh out the city as much as possible and let the players get sucked in to the politics and intrigues and horrors going on every night. To help with this, I've done character sheets for every known vampire in the city, so I know who's who and what's what.

The only thing is, dealing with 45+ NPCs is a bit overwhelming, and my brain tends to work in the same ways, and I figured it would be cool to bring in outside help to flesh these NPCs out. In particular, I realized I've ignored one of my favorite things about Requiem, in that the vampires are generally fairly monstrous, if not always openly.

So I was thinking about doing a short series of maybe a half dozen or so posts here, over the next week or two. I'll post a batch of NPCs each time, not full stats just name, some info and whatever brief background I've put together. Then in the comments you guys can pick out a few characters, and help flesh out their history and nightly activities. Together, we can turn these characters into a proper batch of bloodsucking fiends.

Anyone reading would of course be perfectly able to use these NPCs and situation for their own game, or steal any plots or whatever. That would be part of the fun.

So, any takers? If not, I'll probably go bug rpg.net or something. ;)