July 14th, 2008

GMing still

So we finally got around to fighting that Daemon I had planned for my party in 4th ed. D&D, with huge success! They definately learned a lesson or two about humility. They walked into the fight with 3 npc minions and 1 made it out alive. At first blow the Dragonborn struck the daemon and the daemon simply roared (intimidated) him off his throne and the Dragonborn ran away screaming -failing his challange and setting himself on fire. Then the two npcs got hacked to ribbons, followed by the Rogue (the entire battle) rolling critical misses for his super attacks (even skidding to a stop underneath the demon after failing a charge move, lol) and both the warlord and the Paladin almost died flat out. In the end the demon was taken out, not before everyone in the party suffered some major woundage, but with 3hp left it was killed by a well placed shot from a bow from an npc i had planned for the entire battle :)

Little do they realize what is in store for them next week! bwahahahahahahahahahaa
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Running Unofficial Games at Gen Con

Hi, folks,

Since Gen Con Indy is almost upon us, I thought I would post this.

I am going to run an unofficial game of Hollow Earth Expedition, as well as Desolation (the forthcoming post-apocalyptic fantasy rpg), primarily for folks on both the Exile Games and Greymalkin Designs forums, as well as any of my LJ friends who might be going to the con and would be interested in playing. 4+ players works best for each. During the evening. Time and place...well, these are negotiable, as I've not been to the current incarnation of Gen Con; heck, I've not been to a Gen Con in 30+ years. :)

So, if anyone has has advice to give me on where to run this stuff and what times might be best, any comments in this regard would be welcome. Oh, and if you want to play in one of the games, please let know. :)
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Fading suns.  What do people think?

I've found myself absolutely in love with it. It's like star wars, but FAR more interesting to me as an RPG. I have updated ships a bit, made them faster. Travel times a little bit quicker, and created "Pirate points" for jumping into star systems(for super smugglers/scoundrels..and yes, the guild guns for people who use Pirate points too much), but those are just interesting house rules I wanted to tack on to an AMAZING game. 

Anyone else have any thoughts on Fading Suns?
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Adam, Me, Scarykidd182

Vampire RP Scenario

Vampire RP Scenario

 Hey guys I have an idea and if you are at all interested, let me know what you think.

The basic idea is that there is a Masquerade breach in smallish city X. A reporter is investigating the deaths of homeless people in the city. The reporter is interviewing a homeless man in a makeshift commune, established in a rundown, unkempt city park.

This park also happens to have become the feeding grounds for a fledgling vampire, whose sire had been killed because he sired the new vampire without asking the Prince's permission first. The prince, feeling generous and merciful that particular day, let the fledgling live, letting the death of his sire be a lesson to illustrate how not to behave.

While the reporter is interviewing the homeless man she sees the fledgling vampire feed from and kill another homeless person. The reporter immediately takes a cell phone video, leaves, goes home and lives long enough to send an email to an associated press mail server with the cell phone video attached.

The prince, discovers the problem after receiving a report from a security scout, charged with watching the orphaned fledgling. The prince orders the fledgling to be imprisoned and the reporter killed. IN order to keep things quiet the security scout immediately executes his orders, but not quick enough to stop the email from being sent.

The mail server is immediately buzzing with conspiracy theorists, who attach the email to the series of murders and similar murders that have occurred around the world, that had not previously been solved.

The police, while this is going on are conducting their own investigation on the murders and discovers the dead body of the reporter, after receiving a tip from an anonymous source. The security scout, not having enough time to cover up the murder of the reporter leaves hastily, making sloppy work of the crime scene.

Within a couple of days an associated press article has been released and published in a surprising number mainstream nationally distributed newspapers, who are using a sensationalized version of the news story to comment on the lacking police force.

This causes a high level of news coverage in small city X, in addition to an incresed mortal focus on the police investigation, attracting the attention of statewide and national law investigation agencies.

The vampire community is obviously unhappy and decides that in order to cover up their existence needs to cover up any and all evidence, possibly laying waste to the city before outside and more powerful vampire organizations find out and take care of the situation themselves, which would include punishing the local vampire regime.

Our party may or may not consist of experienced vampires, whose job it is to fix this situation locally while the higher up vampires deal with bureaucracy.

Please comment.