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Roleplayer's Community's Journal

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Sunday, July 13th, 2008
6:44a - Venture 4th?
So, I notice that there are new 4E "compatible" products out already.

Stuff like Scourge of the Rat-Men that refer to the D&D 4E books, but do not use the GSL.

What do folks think of this development?

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7:22p - Curiosity
Do the members of this LJ-community visit the Forge perhaps? It seems it'd be a valuable resource for those of us here to read through the articles section, perhaps discussing some of the posted material, especially those of us working on their own game systems.
^^ Check it out!

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10:22p - Planescape: The 'Truth' Behind the Mask of Blades
In a game of Planescape I ran recently, I explored the origin of the Lady of Pain, the truth behind the 'loth that created...well... all the other 'loths (and the tanar'ri, and the baatezu). I thought a post about my version of these 'truths' might bring out some other folks with their own versions---not to debate, necessarily (though I'm always happy to discuss what seems 'most appropriate'), but to simply compare notes.

My version of the Multiverse follows some of the context from the Hellbound: The Blood War boxed set, so some spoilers there.

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So...phew...that was long. Questions, comments? And other 'Truths'?

Blessed be,

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