July 12th, 2008

Goodbye, and hello, as always

I'm Nathan Rockwood, longtime (for me, anyway; I'm not old enough to compete for longest-time gamer, seeing as a I just got myself a shiny new B.A. in English) gamer and, for the past four years, game designer and author, primarily with Margaret Weis Productions on Serenity, Battlestar Galactica, Demon Hunters, and the Cortex game system core rulebook.

I use my LJ as a place to talk about writing and game design more than I do about my life (though the most recent posts have primarily been about my novel, so the game-writing is due for an update soon). I haven't had time to really poke around the LJ communities yet, so I've only found one or two RPG-related groups, and this seemed like a good one to join :-)

I've played a lot of different games over the years, and collected a lot more. My favorite settings are Planescape and Earthdawn, for their atmospheres; currently, my favorite ruleset is the Cortex system. My favorite weird system is probably Everway, though Amber Diceless looks fun to me too. I tend to like mystery/horror (as opposed to slasher/horror) as a genre, have done some studies in the areas of crime fiction and the works of H.P. Lovecraft, and I have an interest in all things steampunk as well.

And I'm always interested in meeting new gamers; see ya in the world,

Blessed be,
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forum or journal for rpg exchanges?

I'm considering running an rpg online (changing from direct email/pbem format). 

I'd like to hear any opinions about the advantages/disadvantages of using a forum for messaging (like, bbs systems at websites and message boards) versus journal pages like at social networking journaling sites (like LJ or InsaneJournal).  

I haven't used either type for gaming before. What would I gain by using one setting over the other?