July 11th, 2008

An introduction

Good evening all,

Sorry about the previous post about looking for gamers.  I did not see anywhere that it said you cannot post for your own game.  So, I deleted it myself and I apologize for any inconvenience.  

So I will just introduce myself.  I am Stacey and I am a 37 year old guy in Astoria, Queens (nyc).  The games I am into right now are Spirit of the Century, Don't Rest Your Head, the upcoming Dresden Files Role Playing game being made by Evil Hat,, which I made a community for.  dresdenfilesrpg  and a few other indie games that are coming out soon.  

Again, sorry about the earlier post!
D&D pic

How long?

I wanted to know how long does it take the normal gamer to create a character?The reason is one of my players took 4 hours to make his character.And even then he forgot to add a few things like Languages,and figuring out how much weight he was carrying.

He bought 600 Early Iron arrows and didn't think about it.mind you he has a str. of 10.?!?!