July 9th, 2008


Tackling the wedding scene...

I have a huge scene/encounter/event in a play-by-email roleplaying game I'm running that is a wedding for the player character.  I have been hung up on this for way too long - I'm not one of those who takes flights of fancy over weddings, so it's a bit hard to get into for that reason, but mainly my real stickler here has been encountering a cultural black hole in regards to wedding customs in this game setting. This is a wedding of state, something very tradition-bound, with particular cermonies highly symbolic for their meanings.  And I've just been drawing a blank on that stuff. This is a really well developed society and world setting in my campaign, but the question of what customs, *exactly*, have evolved in this hybrid Asian-esque setting have not been easy to answer.  

For some reason this has been one of the trickiest bits of a society to develop, in all my world building/campaign design experience. Perhaps in part because I don't want something simply evocative of weddings as we know them, but something that conveys the richness of history and *different* cultural practices of the setting. 

At any rate, I've been doing some reading on wedding customs, and some design work on symbology and practices that became hybridized over the centuries (and would thus impact what happens in this scene between high caste people from ancient houses). So I'm just about ready to sit down and write it. The next stumbling block I hit was, I don't want just endless descriptive narrative (though this is such a turning point/climax scene it does require a considerable amount of that).  I figured, though, it needed something plot-related to happen, something to give it more dramatic immediacy and consequences for the main character than simply "the day I got married".  

I have some notions about how that might play. If you have any wild plot ideas/turns/twist (what can happen at a wedding of state to spice things up? assassination attempt? crashed by lookie-loos? assault of the papparazzi?) occur to you, feel free to toss 'em at me. I could use some grist for the mill right about now. It's either that, or watch Battlestar Galactica. But that won't help me get that scene written....

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