July 7th, 2008

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Made of Win

From the Descent forums on FFG's web-site:

Hero: I want to kiss the deep elf.
OL: Ok?....give me a roll.
Hero: Blank?
OL: ...your lips explode.
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Be nice to Little Scottie

Well.It seems that there are many people out there who dont like the new D&D,really I dont see much of anything bad happening to it.I think its added alot to it,fighters have optional attacks,wizards dont use there crossbows more then spells,really I dont see much bad in it.Roleplaying is the same.Now,I was originally a video gamer and then I see DnD and delv into it.Anyway,tell me whats wrong with DnD and I shall smite thee with a +2 reply box.Oh ya,and dont talk about alignment,its unbelievably simple to modify and its good for noob gamers to understand.When I got 3.0 I got abit confused on alignment. 
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