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Saturday, July 5th, 2008
12:47p - D&D 4E
My game store is trying to come up with 10 things that have changed since D&D 4E. So far we have,

1. Bards will now be known as "Singing Warlords"

2. It's no longer "Net Neutrality", it's "Net unaligned.

you guys got more?

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While we're on the topic of 4th ed, here's a pretty funny conversation I had with my GM:

Me: "So if we play 4E, can I play a witch?"
Him: "We should stick to the base classes only, for now."
Me: "It is a base class."
Him: "No, it isn't."
Me: "Yes, it is." *points to a page in the book*
Him: "That's a warlock."
Me: "A warlock is a male witch."
Him: "Oh, well you could play a female warlock, then."
Me: "But not a witch?"
Him: "I mean, that's what you would be, but not in terms of the game."
Me: "So I couldn't be a witch, but I could be a female warlock?"
Him: "Yes."
Me: "Even though they're the same thing?"
Him: "Right."

talk amongst yourselves.

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10:42p - Yet another 4th edition once-over
(Cross-posted in my own journal)

I have now gone through the three major steps with a role-playing game with D&D 4th edition – I have put an adventure together, I have run that adventure, and I have played in someone else’s adventure. I return with my findings:

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