July 2nd, 2008

30-sided die

"We need a leader!"

This may be elementary to some folks, but I'm having trouble figuring it out; please bear with me.

In a few games I've been in, some of the players have insisted that we (that is, the PCs) select a group leader as soon as possible. In one game (a play-by-email Changeling: The Dreaming one, if it matters), one of the players appointed his character the group leader without any input from the rest of us because "we have to have a party leader" (This later went to that player's head, and he started bossing everyone else around, which was annoying as all get out, but that's another story).

Where does this urgent need to have a "party leader" as soon as possible come from? I honestly don't understand why some people think it's so important (of course, there's always a possibility I'm missing something).
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Character Creation, and also a topic for discussion

Someone pointed out earlier that my last few posts have been only pointers to my own journal, wherein I'm doing a character-a-day kind of thing. Much like today, where I make a character for Cartoon Action Hour.

But this person's complaint was that these posts might be construed as spam, since they don't have much content in and of themselves. I don't necessarily agree, but I'd hate to be considered a spammer, so in light of the game in question today, I'll pose this question:

How successful have your attempts to emulate a given TV show or movie in a game been? Lots of us have played Buffy; I never really watched the show, so I can't comment on that one, but I am a big Firefly fan, and in playing Serenity I got to play Mal, and that was fun. Certainly the dialog wasn't Whendonesque, but it was also improvised, which Joss doesn't normally have to contend with, I'd think.

So, what about y'all? Ever played a game based on a TV show or movie and had it really evoke the property in question? How about emulating a property without a licensed game? A buddy of mine ran an Animorphs game once using (shudder) d20 Modern, and that went as well as can be expected given the system (sorry, my bias is showing).