July 1st, 2008

mr t

Savage Tide

Has anyone played or ran the Savage Tide campaign from Dungeon/Dragon magazines? I am thinking of running it and I was curious to see what people thought of it from a player and DM perspective.


PRE-NOTE: If you happen to be someone in my group, I ask that you PLEASE stop reading this now. Thanks.

First of all.. while I've NEVER subscribed to the thought of "A DM's job is to kill the characters" (and yes, I've known a few who did believe that), it is amazing how a near TPK can motivate some players. Because I can't quite afford the first module yet, I recently ran the adventure in the back of the 4E DMG. Now, I don't want to ruin the surprise for anyone who may be looking to run or play it, so I won't go into specifics. Anyway, on the final encounter, all but two characters got killed, the survivors only got away because the enemy had a matching move rate, and didn't really care to chase them all the way through the dungeon. Now, this was meant to be a one-shot game, simply to give everyone a feel for the new system. However, since then, the players of the survivors have constantly brought up how eager they are to gather a new group, go back, and gain vengeance. This makes me smile, and I thought I'd share.

Second matter. I'm also looking at starting an oWoD Werewolf game soon. An issue I've run into is this: I believe in doing the 'first mission', where the new pack gets to learn to work together and learn about each other. The few times I've done it before, however, I either get complaints of the mission being too difficult for fresh pups, OR I get people asking "why haven't the elders already taken care of this, if it's a threat?" So, I'm looking for aid in ideas/layouts/etc. for a first mission. Not that I'd deem it relevant, but so far I've got a lupus Get of Fenris Ahroun, and a homid Black Fury Theurge. I've got an unknown, and someone who doesn't know if they'll be playing yet. So, technically, two unknowns. In the future of the campaign, I intend on adding my own NPC, a Bastet, into the mix, for information and the occasional help.
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D&D ad

Can someone kindly direct me to that D&D video advertisement which says, "If you're going to sit in your parent's basement pretending to be an elf, you might as well invite a few friends over"?

I can't find it on YouTube or Wizards' site.