June 30th, 2008

An Heroic Persona Part One

You can credit innocent_man with the idea. he's doing a series on character creation in this community, showing by example how characters are created in the various RPGs he owns. He goes into detail, which is an approach I applaud. Gives the player some degree of investment in his character. And tons of plot hooks and adventure motivation.

In this series I'll be creating a character for the game Dangerous Journeys: Mythus. Creation will involve the use of the following material; Mythus, Mythus Magick, The Epic of Ærth, and various issues of Mythic Masters Magazine. We start with...


Because of what happens in the course of creating an Heroic Persona a concept is open to alteration. So this is a rough idea of what I hope to come up with. Let's just say that this is what the HP hoped to one day be. How successful he was in attaining his goal at the whim of the Fates.

Our HP had his heart set on a career in magic. A mage or magician. Perhaps a priest or cleric. Depending on his background he may even be a shaman or wiseman. Or duty to his family and community may preclude attaining his goal and call for his adopting a different role in life.

To learn his background we start with...


Mythus is set on an alternate Earth known as Ærth. It is much like, and much unlike our world, and it has races much like our world. At the same time very much unlike our races. Since travel is harder and traveling more restricted than we are used to, people don't get around as much. A Benin notable visiting Copenhagen is an event.

In broad terms race on Ærth is defined by color. The basic races are; Black, Brown, Red, White, and Yellow. Under each are a number of sub-races divided largely by geography. There are also those of mixed race, both mixed sub-races and mixed basic races.

We could decide on a race and sub-race, but for our HP we'll be determining those randomly. The two (percentile) rolls are 50 and 10.

[Before we continue let me point out that the race tables are biased towards Western Æropean (our European) Whites. On the grounds that most Mythus players are most likely to be Western European Whites and so will be most familiar and comfortable with Western European tropes, customs, and tales.]

So our HP comes from Western Ærope. Could be from Francia, Neustria, or even Danmark. for this example he'll be from Albion, our England. Albion being a Kelltic kingdom (no Saxon invasion) and a member of the Five Crowns alliance. (The others being Lyonesse, Hibernia, Caledonia, and Cymru. Brettony on the continent is a sort of junior partner and not a formal member (as of yet) of the alliance.)

With nationality set we can learn how his magical education was impacted by available resources. An Ægyptian has access to the best magical education available anywhere on Ærth because of Ægypt's long tradition of excellence in magic. Being from Albion our HP got his education in lesser institutions. But that will come later, once his vocation has been determined.

So now we know what he hopes to be and where he's from. In Part Two we'll discover his socio-economic class {SEC), what quirks and counter quirks he has due to the workings of fate and his SEC, and his starting vocation. Till then.
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Advice for the Undead

Sup folks. This is the first post i've made to this community and I thought i'd start out with a bang.

So I was thinking of Starting a All Flesh Must Be Eaten game. The idea sprung from a trailer I saw for the up coming PC game Left 4 Dead. I was thinking of a set of four characters, five at the most which I would write up and then let my players tweak toward their play style.

My question for the gang here is what has anyone done that worked to keep pace going, work the survival horror tone of the game, and to keep the game from turning into "A Bug Hunt with zombies"

What worked and was fun. What didn't but had it's good points? My goal is to get some solid RP for a few games and see if it has the legs for an ongoing gig. I have all the books and want to learn the system and I love zombie stories. Which is why I want my 1st game with them to Rock. I'm normally a V:TM player.

Thoughts and more importantly Comments?
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An Heroic Persona Part Two

Having determined race in the previous post we'll now be determining socio-economic class (SEC) and quirks and counter-quirks.


In Mythus SEC is found before vocation is decided on, because the available vocations are limited by an HP's class. Societies on Ærth are rather class conscious, and one does not go into certain vocations. At least not without a lot of disapproval from one's contemporaries.

The (percentile) role is a 35, middle-middle class. Of the nine SECs this is the one with the greatest choice of vocations. Our HP is most likely the son of a shopkeeper or a mid ranking craftsman. If from a rural background his father may be a yeoman, or middle management for a country squire. or low ranking noble.


Now we get to consult a couple of sources. The Mythus book for one, my printout of Mythic Masters Magazine for another. Before we continue please keep in mind that quirks and counter quirks are voluntary. You don't have to take any if you don't want to. I'm using quirks and counter quirks for variety, special abilities and flaws, and flavor.

Anyway, the (percentile) rolls are 90 and 04.

90 (quirk): Organized and Efficient. Basically, he has a good personality for being a professional dweomercrafter.

04 (counter quirk): Allergic to cats and dogs. -20 to Perception (both kinds) when suffering from an allergic attack. Another way for the Journey Master (JM) to make life interesting for the HP.

There are also supplemental quirks and counter quirks in the Mythus book, but these tend to be more powerful than the standard ones. For example, the roll of 90 above results in the ability to shape change into a mundane animal once a day. For this HP we'll forego the option.

We now go on to MMM where, by consulting issue one page 25 we learn that our HP has no extra quirks. Not a very interesting childhood.

With that we come to the end of this post. In part three we'll be finding our HP's age and birth rank. (No, this is not an RPG with fast character creation. It is a game with fast character death, but not fast character creation. :) )
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[AP] Vampire the Requiem: Movement Not Forward

Walking After Midnight: Chapter 3

First up, for those of you interested in more of a classic In Character approach, I've set up a WordPress blog for this chronicle, and given all of my players logins. They get bonus XP for writing stuff between the game sessions, and so far you've got all of two posts.


I'll be updating that myself with NPC stuff and setting info and blah blah blah.

Secondly, the end of tonight's session featured a major turn of events that will have some huge repercussions starting next session and for probably the rest of the chronicle. I have some questions for you guys, to help figure out how this should all play out. I'll mark the relevant section with ***Skip To Here*** if you don't feel like reading all of my other ramblings.

And now, on with the show:
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So, I need to figure out how the cops, the other vampires in town, the media, etc will react to this. The Carthians have a fairly well oiled machine to cover up Masquerade breaches in town, but there's no way they're going to be able to cover this up completely. They'll need to figure out if a Vampire was involved, find a scape goat, etc. Things are about to get very, very interesting.
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Just found this little gem thanks to wikipaedia. It seems that the rules for 1st ed have been compiled in a open source fashion under the name of OSRIC. From the website.

"OSRIC™ represents a compilation of rules for old school-style fantasy gaming. The book is intended to reproduce underlying rules used in the late 1970s to early 1980s, which being rules are not subject to copyright, without using any of the copyrighted "artistic presentation" originally used to convey those rules. In creating this new "artistic presentation," we have made use of the System Reference Document produced by Wizards of the Coast."


Quite neat resource for those of use whom are planning or in the process of writing RPG systems. Thought I would pass it along to you fine folks and I apologize if this comes too close to the "no advertisement" rule. I am in no way affiliated with them, just found it neat.