June 28th, 2008

sunset creek

thank goodness I found this place

After two days of searching for some concrete information about dc comics roleplaying. I'm at wits end, willing to admit defeat and ask for some knowledge. Is there anyone out there friendly, open-minded and seasoned in the dc roleplaying department? I plan on applying to a next generation game with a child of two famous teen titans. To me that's pretty rocky territory but I love both superheroes enough to do it. I don't want to screw up an interpertation too badly, and wish to leave personality/leadership room for a sibling.

I'd really prefer to discuss this one on one through means of pm or whatever else is preferable. I'm not a creepy kid, and I probably won't bother you again unless you want me to.

If this wasn't allowed. I really do apologize, glad to have found a place like this though!

to clarify; this is for text/online roleplaying.

I really want to apologize. After a friendly member here pmed me last night asking why I retracted, I explained a lot better to them than I did to you guys. I'm used to running into the malicious kind of mockery for no reason, therefore when I got home and saw only comments aimed toward mocking titans pairings, I kinda took it as a direct hit at me. (even though it isn't an unconventional or non-canon pairing) I would have answered honestly but then I thought whatever I said would be mocked again. Really, I'm usually not this much of a pompous ass, it just happens enough that I'm like okay just get out of there quick.

So, I automatically assumed you guys were doing what a lot of communities with a certain clique do, being mean for no reason other than to be mean. I admit I was in the wrong for assuming, and I really am sorry. Didn't mean to stir a arguement or anything within your community. You guys were being friendly I realized after I got my defensive head out of my ass.