June 10th, 2008

My First Roleplaying Character

deleriumschild's post got me thinking about my first character.

The sad thing is, that was over 30 years ago, and I cannot honestly remember my very first.

My first long term, major character that I can remember is Phatoran, AD&D 1st edition elven Fighter/Cleric/Magic-User. He was of the royal family (not in direct line for the throne, though after an assault by some bad nasties, the king and his heirs were killed. By time I retired the character, he was king of the realm.)

Honestly, I was a pre-teen. The GM was early teens, most of the gamers were my age or maybe a couple years older. We ended up playing these characters for years, and it was a very Monty Haul style game. Also, you know how you hear about kids going through the Deities and Demigods book, choosing what gods they wanted to kill next? Yeah. Again, we were kids. (Red Fang, one of the PCs, had Mjolnir, after we killed Thor.)

Years later, as a GM, I used Phatoran as my High God of the elven peoples.


So, who was your first character/the first you can recall?
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D&D Launch Weekend

So how many of you went out and got Dungeons and Dragons 4e on the weekend and tried it out right away?

Some die hards out there must still be into these things!

There was a great comic strip at Aaron "Nodwick" Williams' Backwards Compatible that I thought was really funny.

Its wider than most LJ styles so...Collapse )

The strip focuses more on video game pop culture so its not something that I would say is appropriate for a community link but today's strip in particular is. It calls attention to dice and paper gaming in a way that pays solid tribute to the origins of all online and console rpg gaming.

May all your 20s be Natural.